Let's Talk About a National Housing System.

Affordable housing programs in the U.S. are disconnected within the industry and confusing for the public. Worst of all, the archaic paper application process can lead to homelessness for low-income families in transition or chronic homelessness for those without an address. For these families who need our support the most, we completely lack timely accurate data from the courts, and we use demographic data up to ten years old for housing development. The U.S. housing system is broken or virtually nonexistent. There are national healthcare and welfare applications, so why not housing?

Here at Common Rent, we believe a national housing application system is inevitable. We are currently creating a central U.S. housing application system to connect low-income families with affordable housing. We will build our software upon programs that have a proven track record, such as the San Francisco DAHLIA or Massachusetts CHAMP software. For more information, click here to learn more about us.

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