American Community Team members share a committment to our values of accessibility, equity and integrity in the housing application process.

First and foremost, we are a team that believes access to housing is a basic human right and it also should be both affordable and abundant.


ACT Founder, Drew Vernalia, has 25 years in affordable housing management and development. He has worked throughout nonprofits, for-profit affordable, and public housing reaching the highest levels as Asset Manager and Executive Director. He has a technology and math degree, the Certified Property Manager designation, and numerous affordable housing credentials. Drew easily manages multiple and new companies (new housing, redevelopments, solar startup) simultaneously.

Drew Vernalia, ACT Founder and President

Meet the team

We are highly experienced, diverse, recognized leaders and experts in affordable housing management and in software technology. Many have dedicated their lives to affordable housing, and we are extremely devoted to the pursuit of Common Rent App. Our collaborative network of colleagues in the field in Massachusetts are also committed leaders and partners.

Gustavo Sapiurka, Director

Gustavo has over 30 years' experience in housing software technology delivering and leading the development of complex integration projects.

Harold Nassau, Director

Harold has over 40 years of affordable housing industry experience. He most recently was Senior Director at NeighborWorks America.

Dare Oladosu, Onboarding Director

Dare has 20 years experience in software engineering and programing. He has led many major software projects in various industries and startups.

Brian Kean, Director

Brian, JD, CPA, has over 40 years in affordable housing management, most recently as Executive Vice President at Winn Management.

Shane Culliton, Director

Shane, MBA in organizational technology, has expertise in nonprofit design and evaluation.

Ragi Ramachadran, Director

Ragi has certification and over 7 years of experience in software quality assurance, compliance, and control.

Roshan Dase, Director

Roshan has a Masters and extensive experience in software programming, development, and management.

Christian Detzel, Consultant & Former Director

Christian, with 25 years experience in software, developed and launched many global scale web programs for various industries.

Software Development Team

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We are grateful for all volunteers that contribute their time and talents to our mission. Software, housing, nonprofit and business professionals are especially welcomed. Volunteer today.

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