We are Common Rent

Our Mission: We facilitate family applications to affordable housing

and administration of applicants through an easy to use online system.

Social Equity

We believe housing access is a basic human right. No one should be homeless. We are committed to removing all racial and socioeconomic disparities caused by our broken US housing system by improving access.

Universal Housing

Uniting all housing programs:

  • Private affordable

  • Public housing

  • Local lotteries

  • Natural affordable


  1. One central list

  2. One common online application

  3. One place for waitlist tracking

Industry Savings

Labor savings in all sectors:

  • Private affordable

  • Public housing

  • Local authorities

  • Market rate-natural affordable


  1. Instant app distribution

  2. Automated processing

  3. Immediate online waitlist updates

Green Initiative

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.


  1. Eliminating paper applications (and reducing mail delivery)

  2. Saving 500-1000 trees annually

  3. Reducing landfill waste